Touch less Digital Menu System for Restaurants and Hotel.

Lodging Interactive launched My Menus Online. Lodging interactive plays, a huge role in the hospitality industry’s as they are a provider of full service such as social media marketing, guest reputation management services and Hotel Web Design.

Hotels and Restaurants can assure their guest or customers are safe and wouldn’t have to hold a menu and flip through too see what kinds of dishes they can choose. Now with an upgraded technology we can see that after the COVID19 has come to an end that restaurants and Hotels wouldn’t have menu to give guest or customers when they arrived at the table. This procedure will be continued after COVID19 and will be a common trend in all restaurants and Hotels.

My Menus Online is 100% web-based and mobile optimized.

Here’s how My online menu would work:

  • Guest would simply be able to scan a table side QR code or NFC tag to view the restaurant’s menu on their own mobile device.
  • The menu will appear on the mobile device and guest or customers can order from their device.
  • No headaches to go to the restaurant website. The scan code automatically appears with the menu.
  • There is no need to download any apps and purchase any apps.

According to a recent COVID-19 report published by the National Restaurant Association, restaurant operators that are getting ready to reopen will need to consider how they operate under much stricter sanitary guidelines,” said Vallauri. “Some industry experts are calling for one-time-use disposable menus, which is sure to increase the operating costs for restaurant owners. With MyMenusOnline, we take that cost out of the equation.”

Just in case if you or your family were thinking about eating out again as in most places around the globe is slowly re opening you can be assured and relieved that you wouldn’t be contaminated with germs from the menu. As we knew before thousands of hands holds a menu at a Restaurant.

We can see that this COVID19 is enlightening us with good benefits and measures for human safety such as new technologies are being innovated for us to use.


All Hotel TV remotes have the greatest number of bacteria. As at least hundreds of hands are touching the remote on a monthly basis. During these difficult times guests are currently thinking about their safety as too when they will be traveling too hotels soon.

OTRUM has launched a virtual TV remote control. They have prioritized COVID-19 initiatives to keep hotel guests safe through the globe.

Here’s how the Virtual remote works. The guest simply uses their smart device to scan a unique QR code from the in-room TV, this launches a web based remote control on their phone or tablet.

The OTRUM Virtual Remote Control allows the guest to navigate TV channels and menus with an intuitive and responsive interface and is compatible with all current OTRUM platforms, including the fully hosted OTRUM CTRL solution.

The Virtual Remote Control is automatically disabled on guest checkout.

One great asset about this Virtual remote is there is no app to be download for this to work. The guests just need to point their phones or electronic devices to the screen and click unique on screen QR code.

Finally, you can minimize the exposure and in room cross contamination and ensure guests that’s one safety they can minus from their worries when they do in the near future return to hotels.

Marriott hotels has put in place a multi-pronged approach designed to meet the health and safety challenges presented by COVID-19.

The founder of J.W. Marriot has a high standard for cleanliness as he used to personally inspect guest rooms and kitchens during his hotel visits.

If we have learned anything during this pandemic, it is that we are all in this together said Mr. Bill Marriott.

There are three key components of Marriott’s commitment to cleanliness said Mr. Bill Marriot he however mentions they are:
• Marriott Global Cleanliness Council – where experts are placed to ensure food supplies and water safety, putting measures into place for proper hygiene and infection prevention. The council well innovate new ideas of global hospitality cleanliness standards norms and behaviors for over 7300 properties around the globe.
• New Cleaning Technologies – as recommended by the centers for disease control and prevention and world health organization to sanitize surfaces throughout hotels. However, they will enhance technologies at the properties over the next few months which includes electrostatic sprayers and the highest disinfectants.
• Cleaning Regimen Changes – over the next few months when guests starts back to travel and check into the hotel they will observe an addition to the hotel cleaning regimen designed to set an even higher standard of cleanliness for hotels as well as modifications to associate guest protocols developed to be consistent with recommended social distancing guidelines.

With consultation from the experts with the public health, Marriott are redefining there cleaning and safety standards.
Now the Marriott hotels have hand sanitizing stations being installed at the hotel entrances, at the front desks, elevator banks and meeting spaces.

However, in public spaces Mr. Bill Marriott said they will remind their guests to maintain social distancing of six feet between you and other people. They will be placing in each guest rooms disinfecting wipes for guests to use. There mobile technologies will provide reassurance and distancing options for guests.
Over 3200 hotels of Marriott guests can use their phones to check in, access their room and order room service.
Mr. Bill Marriott said when the time is right, we are here, ready to welcome our guests back.

In conclusion we are not sure when the COVID-19 pandemic will be over or when our lives will return to some sort of normalcy but Marriott is assuring that measures are put into place to make sure their guests are safe.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is banning a range of assault-style guns, with an order that takes effect immediately.

Firearms are Banned.

As of today, licensed gun owners will be prohibited to trade guns. For instance, the purchase, the sale, transport, import or use of military grade assault weapons in Canada.

“Each passing year more families are ripped apart by tragedy, more parents are struggling to explain the inexplicable to their kids… It needs to stop,” said Trudeau

Trudeau says the order has a two-year amnesty period for current owners and there will be a compensation program put in place that will require a bill passed in Parliament.

According to Prime Minister Trudeau he stated that due to the cites numerous mass shootings from Ecole Polytechnique in 1989 to the killings in Nova Scotia last week, those killings and shooting has arrived for this drastic move to implement the immediate bans.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair stated, “that banning these firearms will save Canadian lives”.

Prime Minister Trudeau said you do not need an AR 15 to bring down a deer as well as hunters do not need this type of fire power. In addition, Trudeau said that these weapons were designed for one purpose only, its only to kill the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time.

In conclusion Firearms bans is an essential act as too many innocent lives are being lost. By Prime Minister Trudeau implementing this immediate ban have made majority of the Canadian citizens happy.


Restaurants are now permanently closing due the Covid 19 pandemic. tripadvisorimage.

It is a sad time for the restaurant industry dealing with the severe impact of Covid19. This billion dollar industry has come to a standstill as we all seek to flatten the curve. Governments worldwide has enforced state of emergencies, stay home orders and advisories of non essential movement should be limited. While many sectors in the economy continue to operate and provide services one industry that has been severely affected is the restaurant industry. Restaurants are now closed and as a result staff has been sent home, rent continues to be incurred and contractual arrangement with suppliers continue. Restaurant owners have been coming forward and sharing their experience due to Covid 19.

The owner of a local downtown restaurant the “Prohibition Gastrohouse” is feeling the effects of Covid 19. A thriving and popular restaurant for the last 13 years has sadly arrived to the juncture of closing his restaurant permanently due to covid19. The ripple effect resulting to him losing his home.

Restaurant owner Micheal Summerfield stated, ” he is one of many owners that are struggling to make it in the city”.

Restaurants in the entire industry are struggling to pay their rents. This is due to most restaurants not having least six months of working capital or contingency funds. However restaurant Canada stated that “Nearly one out of ten restaurants have already closed permanently and another eighteen per cent will permanently close within a month if current conditions continue” and from all indication we can see these conditions are continuing.

It is a devastating time for this local business owner as he can recall he was an multimillionaire six months ago and now due to covid19 pandemic he is in a financial crisis. He is not isolated in this situation as the entire industry are suffering from the Covid19. In the following six months it will be interesting to see how the restaurant industry operate Post-Covid19 and what measures are implemented for an effective recovery and back into operational business. While it may be trying times for the industry and the recovery process will be a long road in the words of famous calypsonian from Trinidad and Tobago the Black Stalin “We could make it if we try”

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